Introduction to Acting Course

Introduction to Acting

Basic Acting Exercises

Theater Acting Skills

Fitness, Body Language & Other Skills

Film acting & Improvisation With Camera

Project Film & Portfolio

Hostel Fascility

The duration of the course is six months with seven days a week work schedule. The sessions will be conducted from 5PM to 8 PM on week days and 7 AM to 10 AM on Saturdays and Sundays for the first five months but on the sixth month the actors can be called in any time and for any length of time. Interactive modular pattern will be followed. Each faculty will create their own training module keeping in view the larger goal of film acting. The modules will be open ended and will inspire constant change as per response.Training in the studio is based on a thorough, comprehensive and carefully planned syllabus that covers every aspect of cinema acting from theory to practice, and the results of which are put to test with short films. The syllabus takes into account the modules of eminent theatre and film personalities who have shaped contemporary theatre and cinema in Odisha in all its forms and expressions. It includes broad-based training on film and art appreciation, theater acting, film acting and improvisations. The syllabus has six major parts segregated into a month each. For the first 5 months there will be 28 days of training and two days of assessment of the month and there will be film screenings followed by discussions.The central aim of the course is to prepare students for film acting. To this end, a variety of practical skills needs to be developed and a corpus of knowledge acquired.......

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Actors’ Studio Production

Actors’ Studio

Actors’ Studio Production house is the Film making Wing of Actors’ studio. Actors’ Studio Production will play a major role in 6th month of acting course studies. Under A’S production , students will be undergone with camera and live shoot setups as well as later student portfolio, which will be done under production house. The House brings Opportunity for young and dynamic youth and give them a platform where they get a chance to showcase their talent for the cinema made under A’S production. Further more the house would have contribution in Film making, Advertisement and Reality shows.



Our range (O’range) is a sister concern of A'S Production House. O’range is an Artist managing Agency, giving Platform, as well as a market to New, Grooming and present artists in Industry . Artist signing in at O’range will be provided with the platform in regular basis and will be further groomed and highlighted with O’range. Agency will build up the artist popularity and image in market and will work in all means to get the artist what he / she deserves.